The elegant layered-plastic design of our drying system ensures minimal cracking, warping and splitting.

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Conventional timber drying methods have peaked their maturity levels after decades of optimizing research.

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Superior Results, Dry Your Lumber Faster, All year Round for Fraction of the Cost.

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Solarkilns: Smarter Drying

Solarkilns’ Solarola technology: a revolution for the timber industry

Solarkilns’ Solarola technology enables an efficient and superior method of drying green timber and products including fruit and crops through its’ advanced solar drying technology. The Solarola kiln system has a unique cyclic-drying method. The daily cycles of cooling and heating are highly regulated by way of a unique controller, and have now been proven to significantly reduce cracking, splitting, warping, case hardening and collapse. It can also reduce energy costs by as much as 100% whilst still drying as fast as a fuel heated kiln.

You can produce more products for less cost

The only cyclically-controlled, commercial drying system in the world, our solar kiln has benefits that ensure maximum productivity with minimum cost.

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